Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Bestiary: Songbirds ~ Magnolia Warbler

'A Bestiary' continues . . .  this month featuring the medium sized and strikingly marked Magnolia Warbler Setophaga magnolia. I first sighted this little songbird kicking up detritus from within pots on the terrace garden. It was May 2009 and proved to be, so far, my only close-up encounter with this beautiful warbler.

A rather bold breeding male sits with eyes focused on mine. Magnolia Warblers breed within young stands of conifers. You can learn a bit more by visiting my recent installment over at Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. 


  1. Hola Carol.
    Te felicito por tu blog, es muy interesante y tiene una fotografías excelentes.
    Saludos desde España.