This blog is simply a gallery of images I have taken of my gardens that have evolved into a wildlife habitat. 

It is a my wish to inspire others, to create their own gardens and wildlife habitats that will provide food and shelter for countless creatures of nature. 

Native wildlife habitats are diminishing all over the globe, but we can help by turning our properties into sanctuaries and corridors for birds, butterflies, bees and numerous mammals. 

Our lives will become richer through the process of living closer to nature in a natural and organic way. This way of gardening and being stewards of our land is better for the planet at large, for there are no chemicals used when creating a wildlife habitat. 

I have worked with the land I call Flower Hill Farm for over thirty years and have never used chemical fertilizers or any poisonous pesticides. I would not dream of using poisons of any kind.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through the flora and fauna of my little paradise.

Carol Duke Photography is now a syndicate - each post now appears on Ken Billington's fabulous team blog "Focusing on Wildlife." I am thrilled to be a team member.

Thank you for visiting! 

Carol Duke