Friday, March 11, 2011

March Monarch Migration Begins Momentarily!

I should love to be in Mexico to see millions of Monarch butterflies on the move. 
Clouds of glowing stained glass-like scales scattering the light!
For now, I fondly recall visiting Monarchs in my garden last fall.
It is a marvel to imagine one of these fragile Monarch butterflies 
Making it safely, thousands of miles away, to boreal forests high in Mexican mountains
Surviving the winter there . . .  now mating and nearly beginning their journey north.
May milkweed be aplenty along their way into Texas 
So that a new wave of metamorphosis will reach this land by May or June.

There is another marvel within our midst 
a 'Microcosm'  
A blog with far reaching words of wisdom. 
Lovely illustrations 
A thoughtful, gracious author 'Stacy' awaits your visit!
Fly into her Microcosm and be warmly, deeply touched.


  1. another fabulous's like a flower unfolding its petals or a butterfly unfolding its wings as it emerges...each picture offering just a glimpse and keeping your imagination peeked...

  2. Ive seen them in their annual migrations on films on National was an amazing sight and story! Lovely photos of them, are they in your garden?

  3. THANK YOU DONNA! Lovely metaphor!

    Chris all of the photos on my blog are taken at Flower Hill Farm unless noted otherwise. Thanks for visiting and sharing with me. The migration is truly astounding!

  4. Hello. can not be beautiful, like flowers and beautiful, colorful butterflies sitting on nich.Sliczne photos, which you would like such an amateur I did not. Walking around my garden preview butterflies perching on flowers, but I usually carry only a camera phone and the pictures do not go out well. Yours

  5. Carol, I come here for a feast - you always give us such beautiful light and colors and shapes! Even the asters that are just beyond our range of focus make me wish I could leap into a Monet painting. Thank you for sharing the joy you've found in the natural world, and thank you for mentioning Microcosm - it's an honor to appear in such company.