Friday, February 25, 2011

Thrumming Translucent Wings

Hemaris diffinis     Snowberry clearwing moth

Hemaris thysbe     Hummingbird clearwing moth


  1. Beautiful moments again, Carol. Your shots are really beautiful. I hope soon I have the same flowers and insects on my balconies... Paris is still asleep before Spring :-)
    Have a good week-end

  2. I love your birds, but also your insects are gorgeous! Is your Buddleia already blooming??

  3. Merci Gabriel! I love how you word "Paris is still asleep before Spring." Lovely!

    Grazie Dona! My landscape is all white! The gardens are blanketed with several feet of snow. These images are from the summer and are a way to help the winter blahs!

  4. Wow what an amazing hillside paradise you live in. Stunning photography and beautiful birds and insects, how lucky you are.
    Thanks for popping by my blog, I too am glad I have now found your blog!